Regular check-ups for your computer help protect your investment


Over time, computers get clogged up with data and information, become infected with viruses and gradually breakdown. A laptop or desktop computer that processed information and commands quickly and efficiently a few years ago may slowly become slow, cumbersome and unresponsive to the users commands. Many people see this as an inevitable part of the aging process for computers and shell out a lot of money on a new computer once their older model … [Read more...]

Tablets are not a good substitute for laptop computers


Tablets such as the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook are all the rage right now. Sleek, compact and fun, tablets are used for everything from watching videos and listening to music to video conferencing and e-mailing. However, tablets are no substitute for a laptop computer when it comes to work and education. Tablets – as great and exciting as they are – remain primarily an entertainment device. Most people use their tablet to play video … [Read more...]

Refurbished computers provide advantages to schools


Children and teens today need to be computer literate. The world is now wired and computers are integrated into nearly everything people do in their daily lives. As children and teens grow and mature, they need to learn how to properly use and manage computers. Technology and computers are also a great teaching tool and a great way for students to learn in a classroom environment. Most schools and teachers accept this as fact and would like to … [Read more...]

VIG Computers an exporter of refurbished and recycled desktops


The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario is one of Canada’s most successful international exporters of computers and related parts. The company has been exporting refurbished and recycled desktop computers to countries all over the world for more than a decade. Since its founding in September 2000, VIG Computers has been selling its products to foreign countries in orders ranging from a single desktop to an … [Read more...]

The Vision Investment Group


The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, is more than a retailer of computers, parts and accessories. Its technological expertise is vast and deep. A growing company, VIG Computers is working hard to branch out and provide a full range of technological solutions to local residents in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region as well as clients throughout Canada and around the world. Key to this expansion is VIG Solutions, a branch of VIG Computers that … [Read more...]

VIG Computers retail outlet sells the best products at the best prices


The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario has been proudly serving the needs of people in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region since September 2000. The company takes great pride in selling area residents the best computer and technology products at the best prices. A strong commitment to service and competitive pricing has allowed VIG Computers to endear itself to local patrons and become part of the community. The … [Read more...]

VIG Computers


Offering Custom Technology Solutions In Kitchener-Waterloo The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, provides high quality technology solutions and computer equipment at competitive prices. Based in Cambridge, Ontario, VIG Computers offers its clients a wide range of new, used and refurbished computers and associated parts at competitive prices. Established in 2000 as a computer retailer in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, VIG Computers … [Read more...]

VIG Computers proud to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

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The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario is proud to be one of only five “Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers” in all of Canada. The program is operated by Microsoft Corp. based in Seattle, Washington and designed to ensure that all computers running its software are properly refurbished in a manner that meets global standards. Today, there are only 59 Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers worldwide, including VIG … [Read more...]