Student services at a credit union


Considering a credit union for education financing? Or how about considering a low cost account with unlimited electronic transactions? Do you need access to banking services online or through your cell? Credit unions are cooperative financial institutions that offer great services. Unlike a bank, customers don’t just open an account, they become a shareholder. All it takes is a $5 deposit to open an account and become a shareholder; the credit … [Read more...]

Home ownership with a credit union mortgage


Owning a home is one of life’s biggest goals and finding financing can often be a laborious journey. Whether buying a first home, renewing an existing mortgage, renovating or buying a vacation property, credit union mortgage professionals are qualified people lenders that help mortgage seekers through the process. These are individuals who know the process of working out the best possible mortgage package so that home or renovation projects are … [Read more...]

The credit union advantage and you


Credit unions and caisse populaires were formed in response to a growing need to provide alternative financial options. In a world where big business and conglomerates rule, credit unions, as part of the co-operative movement, are owned and directed by the people they serve – their members. At the basic level, credit unions provide day-to-day banking services with low or no fee options, as well as economical rates for borrowing and premium … [Read more...]

Credit card survival tactics


Most of us don’t want to admit it, but living without a credit card is difficult. In the age of consumerism and instant gratification, they are a temptation. The average Canadian household debt hit a record high in the first quarter of 2012 and although the rate of its growth is slowing, debt continues be of grave concern. Statistics Canada says the Canadian household debt-to-income ratio climbed to a new high of 152 percent in the first … [Read more...]

Credit unions offer life insurance for families – including children


Believe it or not, life insurance is one of the most valuable gifts that parents can bestow on their children. Life insurance can give children a head start in life and provide protection that lasts well into adulthood. It is a great tool that can provide children and youth with financial options as they get older. Best of all, life insurance coverage for young, healthy children is affordable on any household budget. Life insurance that is … [Read more...]

The Education Credit Union follows a proud tradition of innovation


Did you know that credit unions are leading the way in financial services? Credit unions have a long and distinguished history inCanada– one that has been defined by innovation and cutting edge technology. In fact, many traditional banks follow the lead set by credit unions when it comes to innovative financial services and new money management techniques. Unbeknownst to most people, credit unions engineered the first payroll deductions for … [Read more...]

Switching from a traditional bank to a credit union has never been easier


Are you tired of your bank and the big fees it charges to access your own money? Ready for a better financial experience – one that puts a human face on banking and doesn’t overcharge you? Why not switch to the Education Credit Union, located in the Region of Waterloo. The “switch kit” provided by the Education Credit Union has been designed to make switching from a traditional bank to a credit union as easy as 1,2,3. A service … [Read more...]

Children and youth learn responsible banking through credit unions


Financial planners stress that it is important for children to learn the value of money and responsible banking. In fact, many experts encourage parents to open a bank account for their children as soon as possible and to actively involve them in the management of their money – whether it is an allowance or birthday cheque from their grandparents. The Canadian Bankers Association states: “Parents play a big role in the financial education of … [Read more...]

Compare and save with a credit union – the difference will surprise you


Fees are the top complaint that Canadians have about their bank or financial institution. Whether it is fees charged on a savings account, credit card or for accessing an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), Canadians are fed-up with being gouged by their local bank. But despite the anger, many Canadians are unsure where to turn for a viable alternative that will allow them to save money when banking. The Education Credit Union based in Waterloo … [Read more...]

Credit unions help customers manage their wealth for the long-term


Building and retaining wealth over the long-term is the main goal of every investor. Many Canadians have seen their savings and wealth drop considerably since the “Great Recession” began in 2008. Fluctuations in stock market prices around the world and the failure of various companies have reduced or wiped out the savings and long-term financial plans of many people. The Education Credit Union understands the importance of building wealth … [Read more...]