If the shoe fits…it’s probably a custom orthotic


Oh, the joy of walking through the warm summer air. Birds chirping, sun shining on your skin and of course, sore feet because you can never find a pair of shoes that seem to fit comfortably. For some people the search for a new pair of shoes can be difficult and painful and it isn’t your fault. Many individuals are born with or develop feet that require specialized attention to make sure they are getting the support they need. Pre-packaged … [Read more...]

Cleaning and maintaining your window coverings


To ensure longevity, it is important to properly clean and maintain home and office furnishings. Window treatments are no exception. Blinds, shutters and drapes also need to be maintained in order to keep them looking fresh. Different types of coverings will require different methods of cleaning. However, generally speaking, applying a light dusting to any blind, drape, shutter or other treatment will be adequate in maintaining its overall … [Read more...]

You’re not all right with arthritis


There are two major types of arthritis; osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a result of slowly decreasing amount of cartilage in joints and is more common in athletes or as people age. The second type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis and if you or someone you know has this condition they should look into the services available at Ontario Foot and Orthotics. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. That means … [Read more...]

Well-managed salons value employee training


As a consumer, you put a great deal of trust in the salon you choose for your hair and aesthetic care. After all, your style and grooming are part of your personal brand and mistakes can be costly both financially and personally. Salon owners who value their clientele understand that it takes outstanding customer service to win your loyalty. A salon is a business like any other in that retaining existing clients and developing new ones is … [Read more...]

What to think about when choosing commercial blinds


Are you opening your own business? Or maybe you already run your own business or office and are in the process of decorating? If you answered yes to either question window coverings are surely on your list of furnishing items. Offices, buildings, and institutions generally have many large windows that require blinds or drapes. Depending on the space you’re furnishing it is important to take note of the type of work, clientele, and patrons … [Read more...]

Diabetic care starts with the feet


If you or someone you care about suffers from diabetes then you know that one of the most problematic areas affected in the body is the feet. Circulation problems, loss of feeling and complications in the feet are all constant worries. Whether the diabetes is in an advanced stage or you are just learning how to live with the condition, treatment and preventative solutions for your feet are a critical aspect to keeping healthy. Aside from care … [Read more...]

Partner with the right salon and spa for your wedding day


If you are a bride-to-be, your wedding day has likely been months or years in the making and you want every detail to be perfect. That includes your personal choices for hair and body treatments, as well as services for your wedding party. Don’t leave these arrangements until the last minute because they have to be just right and remember, the photographs will capture it all for posterity. Talk with your hair stylist well in advance to … [Read more...]

Coping with winter: Seat heaters


If you ask any Canadian, they’ll tell you that car seat warmers are one piece of automotive innovation that they feel especially thankful for. Maybe one cold winter day in Detroit, an engineer or test driver climbed into a car to test it, felt the pain of cold through his jeans and presto, the idea came to him: why not put an electric heater in the seat and hook up an off/on switch? Flip the switch and within minutes your car seat is nice and, … [Read more...]

Selecting a child and pet friendly window covering


When decorating and considering blinds or drapes for your child’s room, or any room in your home where your child or even pet may play, you’ll more than likely ask yourself ‘what is the safest, yet most attractive option?’ The good news is that there are plenty. Parents, caregivers, grandparents, and pet owners no longer need to worry about children and pets getting tangled in long cords. Most companies now provide cordless or … [Read more...]

You don’t have to live with ingrown toenails


Living in pain shouldn’t be something that becomes a permanent part of your life. Many people simply learn to live with the constant pain associated with ingrown toenails but there are services out there that can permanently relieve the stress you are dealing with as a result of recurring ingrown toenails. This is an incredibly common problem and the experts at Ontario Foot and Orthotics can provide a variety of preventative and surgical … [Read more...]