Protect your personal information by getting your computer checked


Identity theft is a growing problem across Canada. Each day, hundreds of unsuspecting people have their personal information stolen – often without their knowledge. Names, addresses, dates of birth, social insurance numbers and even credit card numbers can be stolen by tech-savvy thieves without the victim being aware. Consumer advocates claim that the biggest source of identity theft occurs online where malware, spyware and other programs … [Read more...]

Why buy a new computer when you can fix your old one?


Kids and teens heading back to school and university will inevitably ask for a new computer that they can use to help them with their school work. The tech world moves fast and new models of desktop and laptop computers enter the marketplace with alarming speed. Many parents hear their children talk about how their current computer works slowly and needs an upgrade to a newer model. However, buying the latest and greatest computer comes with a … [Read more...]

VIG Computers celebrates 10th anniversary with major sales


The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario is celebrating its 10th anniversary with some major blowout sales process that will amaze even the most skeptical buyer. One of the top retailers of new and refurbished laptop computers in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, VIG Computers is lowering its already considerably low prices even further. The deals include Dell laptops for $149.00, Intel Pentium hard drives for … [Read more...]

Indoor air quality and heat recovery ventilators


It’s an interesting fact that the better we build homes here in Canada, the more airtight they become. That means that while Canadians are saving on heating costs by using better windows and more efficient insulation, you can no longer count on the kind of incidental air leakage that promotes good indoor air quality. You need to improve the ventilation in new homes and it’s good to know that there’s an excellent innovation that can solve … [Read more...]

Refurbished computers an affordable option for students


It’s back to school time and children need to bring more with them than a backpack and apple for the teacher. Today, school-age children and teenagers increasingly rely on computers and laptops to help them with their school work – both in the classroom and at home. Being computer literate and using the Internet are requirements in today’s wired world. Most parents accept this fact, but many struggle with the expense of purchasing a brand … [Read more...]

Car and truck accessories


A wide range of after-market car and truck accessories can add important features that might be missing in your otherwise perfect car: features for your safety, convenience and comfort and some which can even protect your investment. In addition to tinting your windows, which most everyone knows about, many other products and services are available from a reputable, after-market specialist. Safety add-ons include better mirrors to help you … [Read more...]

A few words about the SEER rating


Ask anyone who has been through the process and they’ll tell you that getting the right air conditioner unit means knowing about The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. This industry standard is the way that most well informed people make a choice as to the kind of air conditioner that best suits their needs. Having a little background here will give you the confidence to make the right decision. Here’s the whole concept in a … [Read more...]

Picking the right software is important to protect computers


Not all software is created equal. Installing the wrong software on a laptop or desktop computer can lead to a number of future problems ranging from virus infections to the complete breakdown of the technology. Getting the proper advice concerning which software to use with a computer is important. The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario is one of Canada’s most successful computer companies and can provide … [Read more...]

Regular check-ups for your computer help protect your investment


Over time, computers get clogged up with data and information, become infected with viruses and gradually breakdown. A laptop or desktop computer that processed information and commands quickly and efficiently a few years ago may slowly become slow, cumbersome and unresponsive to the users commands. Many people see this as an inevitable part of the aging process for computers and shell out a lot of money on a new computer once their older model … [Read more...]

Great air conditioner maintenance tips


The weather seems to be getting hotter every year and that means that you need to be sure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency all the time. Of course, when the unit breaks down completely, you’ll need to call in professionals who understand the more technical parts, but there are a few things you can do to keep you air conditioner running at a peak performance. Remember that in many cases, some routine maintenance is all … [Read more...]