Well-managed salons value employee training


As a consumer, you put a great deal of trust in the salon you choose for your hair and aesthetic care. After all, your style and grooming are part of your personal brand and mistakes can be costly both financially and personally. Salon owners who value their clientele understand that it takes outstanding customer service to win your loyalty. A salon is a business like any other in that retaining existing clients and developing new ones is … [Read more...]

Coping with winter: Seat heaters


If you ask any Canadian, they’ll tell you that car seat warmers are one piece of automotive innovation that they feel especially thankful for. Maybe one cold winter day in Detroit, an engineer or test driver climbed into a car to test it, felt the pain of cold through his jeans and presto, the idea came to him: why not put an electric heater in the seat and hook up an off/on switch? Flip the switch and within minutes your car seat is nice and, … [Read more...]

Winter preparation means repairing stone chips now


What are you doing to prepare your car for winter? Most everyone knows the importance of tires: either replace those with little tread left, or buy winter snows and remember to throw the ice scraper back into the trunk! Some of us also take our cars in for winter maintenance service. This is all good. But unfortunately, one important item is all too often overlooked: your windshield. If your vision is compromised or if the glass itself is … [Read more...]

Door glass and mirror repair


Stone chips! Say it and almost every highway or gravel road driver can recount a bad experience. Stones and other road debris can be kicked up by the cars ahead of you, especially, trucks. Sometimes they come flying off the truck container itself. In a microsecond, they hit your car, often ‘dinging’ your hood’s paint, but sometimes chipping or even cracking your windshield. If the chip is directly in your driving sightline, it’s a … [Read more...]

Student services at a credit union


Considering a credit union for education financing? Or how about considering a low cost account with unlimited electronic transactions? Do you need access to banking services online or through your cell? Credit unions are cooperative financial institutions that offer great services. Unlike a bank, customers don’t just open an account, they become a shareholder. All it takes is a $5 deposit to open an account and become a shareholder; the credit … [Read more...]

Vehicle upholstery repair and reconditioning


The unfortunate truth is that car seats will wear out. Whether your car has leather seats, material or vinyl, the constant getting in and out and just sitting will eventually take its toll. And that spilled coffee from the local drive-through doesn’t do too much for the beauty of your cloth seats either. For most drivers, after the exterior paint condition, nothing makes a car feel old than car seats in distress. Cracked leather  or vinyl and … [Read more...]

The ABC’s of getting pre-approved


There is a lot to learn once you’ve taken the plunge and decided to buy a home and, as you might expect, many of the decisions that you’ll make about the one you finally pick centre around the money you’ve got to spend. That is why getting pre-approved is so critical. Once you’ve got an idea of how much the bank will give you, there’s a solid framework to start the search for a place you can call your own. Remember that when you’ve … [Read more...]

The credit union advantage and you


Credit unions and caisse populaires were formed in response to a growing need to provide alternative financial options. In a world where big business and conglomerates rule, credit unions, as part of the co-operative movement, are owned and directed by the people they serve – their members. At the basic level, credit unions provide day-to-day banking services with low or no fee options, as well as economical rates for borrowing and premium … [Read more...]

Floor mats and liners


It’s easy to tell which cars have been cared for and a clear give-away is the condition of the carpeting. In northern climates, especially those with snow and road salt, unprotected or poorly protected carpets quickly get worn down, caked and rock hard, especially on the driver’s side. Some people remove the mats in nicer weather, but even in summer this can lead to damage: you might transfer mud from your shoes, or gravel or spot wear just … [Read more...]

How much do you need for your first mortgage?


There is a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to getting your first mortgage. You need to look at a few different factors above and beyond just the rates and the terms that are presented to you. Obviously you’ll pay attention to the fine print and set a budget that involves more than just paying the bank back the cash you owe them. The big picture is one of the easier parts to look at. Submitting the required information to a lending … [Read more...]