Celebrate your special fall event with prime rib!


It’s fall! And with the change of seasons comes a change in food choices. If you’re having a birthday or anniversary celebration in the fall—as with any time of year—you want your celebration dinner to be delicious and enjoyable for you and your guests. During the colder fall and winter months, light, summer fare is often replaced by more sustaining comfort foods. The fall harvest can bring a huge choice of menu options: pumpkin, squash … [Read more...]

Saving money while having fun with your family


In today’s economy, money is tight for many families. And when it comes to family entertainment, you want to have fun for the whole family at a reasonable price. However, family entertainment can be costly. How can you get maximum enjoyment for minimum cost? Renting movies and having a family movie night is an inexpensive activity that everyone will enjoy. Having a family game night is another great way to spend time and have fun together as … [Read more...]

Hosting the perfect company meeting


You can’t escape it—the company meeting. Every business has to have them and whether the purpose of your meeting is to give organizational updates, planning company strategy, or to recognize employee achievements, meetings are here to stay. How do you plan a meeting that will engage, not bore your staff? By changing up your presentation, you will ensure that your staff will stay attentive and interested. Switching between verbal and slide … [Read more...]

Summer salads


Summer—the season for summer vacations, relaxing by the pool and barbecues! With the warmer temperatures and more leisurely pace, you want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the season. It’s definitely not the time for winter comfort foods. In summer, many people prefer a lighter diet and summer salads are a big part of the season’s cuisine. When it comes to summer salads, there are so many combinations of ingredients … [Read more...]

Weekend breakfasts—the new restaurant trend!


During the workweek, breakfast is often a rushed or even forgotten meal. On weekends, in addition to having time to relax, spending time with family and friends and catching up on household chores, going out for a delicious breakfast has become a very popular trend. In fact, breakfast may be nearly as popular as dinner for people who want to go out and enjoy a nice meal in the company of family and friends. After a busy week, people love the … [Read more...]

Stretching your retirement dollars

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You’ve worked hard all of your life and are now enjoying your well-earned retirement. With retirement comes the freedom to travel and the ability to do many activities that you may not have had time to do during your working life. However, with retirement also often comes a drop in income. You want your hard-earned dollars to go far and to last. How can you save money while making the most of your retirement? You can save money by making … [Read more...]

Choosing the perfect prime rib


Everyone loves prime rib. This cut of roast beef is a favourite at many occasions, including weddings, or even just a special dinner. Prime rib is one of the highest quality and most expensive cuts of beef and the taste is well worth it. What makes a great prime rib? Choosing a prime, choice, or select grade of meat is an important factor, so you want to be sure to pick a quality cut of meat. You will also want to choose a cut that is bright … [Read more...]

How to fit lunch into your busy day


Most workplaces offer their employees lunch breaks. This is a healthy and important part of your day. It allows you to take a break from the busy day and recharge your batteries. It helps you refuel your body after a busy morning—even if you eat breakfast, your body is ready for more food by lunchtime. Lunch is an important meal but let’s face it; it is too often one of the most difficult things to fit into our busy days. When you have to … [Read more...]

The benefits of breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides fuel and gives you energy to tackle the busy day ahead. Eating breakfast improves your focus, clarity and attention span. It also improves memory and learning ability and can be an important weight-loss tool. Eating breakfast can increase your metabolism and prevent binging later on in the day. The protein found in eggs can help you feel full until lunchtime and curb those cravings for … [Read more...]

Warm up and discover the great benefits of soup

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When winter’s freezing temperatures hit, nothing is better than a hot bowl of soup. Soup is comfort food at its best. It warms up even the coldest winter days and elicits childhood memories of being comforted by its warmth and flavour. Soup has many health benefits and its nutrients can help to prevent disease and illness. It is a wonderful way to get those recommended daily servings of vegetables! Vegetables are rich in vitamins, particularly … [Read more...]