If the shoe fits…it’s probably a custom orthotic


Oh, the joy of walking through the warm summer air. Birds chirping, sun shining on your skin and of course, sore feet because you can never find a pair of shoes that seem to fit comfortably. For some people the search for a new pair of shoes can be difficult and painful and it isn’t your fault. Many individuals are born with or develop feet that require specialized attention to make sure they are getting the support they need. Pre-packaged … [Read more...]

Tablets are not a good substitute for laptop computers


Tablets such as the Apple iPad and Blackberry Playbook are all the rage right now. Sleek, compact and fun, tablets are used for everything from watching videos and listening to music to video conferencing and e-mailing. However, tablets are no substitute for a laptop computer when it comes to work and education. Tablets – as great and exciting as they are – remain primarily an entertainment device. Most people use their tablet to play video … [Read more...]