Partner with the right salon and spa for your wedding day


If you are a bride-to-be, your wedding day has likely been months or years in the making and you want every detail to be perfect. That includes your personal choices for hair and body treatments, as well as services for your wedding party. Don’t leave these arrangements until the last minute because they have to be just right and remember, the photographs will capture it all for posterity. Talk with your hair stylist well in advance to … [Read more...]

A versatile, natural solution for thinning hair


Most people think of hair loss as a problem common to men, but the fact is that hair loss is also a very real occurrence in women of all ages. While balding in men goes pretty much unremarked, men are nevertheless self-conscious about hair loss. In women, the problem is compounded by the stigma of being far less socially acceptable. There are various causes of hair loss: it might be genetic, stress-related, brought on by sudden weight loss or by … [Read more...]

Luxurious lashes are easier than ever to wear


Whether on the red carpet or out on the go, it seems celebrities all are sporting their own glamourous version of longer, thicker lashes. It’s not a new trend: going back before Oprah, Byonce, J. Lo or Kim Kardashian, who can forget the trade mark eyes of Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy? Most women agree that having longer lashes gives them bolder, more feminine eyes and today the look is as popular as ever. What’s changed is how to get those … [Read more...]

Nail enhancement 101- a quick primer


At UBU hair and body we offer head to toe treatment, with manicures and pedicures providing the finishing touch. Whether you are planning to treat your whole bridal party to French manicures on your special day, or want professional nail care to be part of your regular grooming, this quick primer on nail enhancements and extensions will help you decide which product and service is right for you. Acrylic nails were the first to be used in the … [Read more...]

Keep it real: the environmental choice in hair extensions


Hair extensions have become wildly popular in the last few years for both women and men. Made from either real hair (yes, women really do sell their hair) or synthetic strands, they can add length and volume to your hair, or, in the case of brightly coloured radicals, can simply add some whimsy to your ‘do. Whether for beauty or fun, it is still important to consider the environmental impact that achieving your new look has on the world … [Read more...]

Use your head for pain-free, portable personal expression


Does the idea of getting a tattoo or piercing make you squeamish? Do your knees buckle when you think of needles or pain? There are other ways to use your body as a canvas for personal expression. Use your head! A skilled hair stylist can give you a hair tattoo fit for a king (or a rapper, or a Raptor’s fan). The shaved designs that have been turning heads on the street can be wild and abstract, replicate Picasso, Degas or Warhol, or bear … [Read more...]

Save the DIY for home decorating


Seafoam green hair may be all the rage, but your dream was to be a stunning brunette. Something went terribly wrong with your cost-saving experiment and now you’re searching the internet for a last minute appointment at the nearest salon. You Tube is crowded with flicks of people bemoaning their DIY disasters - bizarre colours, frizzed or broken hair falling out in handfuls. Salons that specialize in corrective colouring can rescue your hair … [Read more...]

How green is your hair?


Have you ever wondered what happens to all those lovely tresses that end up on the cutting room floor? A busy salon can sweep up a garbage bag full of hair each day. Conscientious salon owners have often wondered what happens to all that hair and what can be done to reduce the materials going into landfill sites. Under ideal conditions, hair takes at least one year to decompose, and much longer when the surrounding environment is dry or … [Read more...]

Beauty for life (and the life of the planet)


You bring your wedding party to UBU Hair and Body so they can help you look your very best. They want you to leave feeling like a million bucks, not just on your special day, but for the rest of your life. That’s why they search the market for cosmetics that will make you feel beautiful without compromising your health or the health of the planet. How can our choice of makeup make a difference in your well being? Well, for starters, the team … [Read more...]

Your hair should reflect your unique style


Long or short, curly or straight, wispy, unruly or perfectly coiffed, your hair is your crowing glory. How can a professional stylist make you look and feel your best, while helping you choose a cut and colour that is as individual as you are? Firstly, they have to listen.   Your lifestyle and personality should play a big role in the cut and style that you choose. It’s great that you love the new ‘dos in Hollywood, but they just … [Read more...]