Selecting the right outdoor window treatment


Gazebos, porches, and verandas all help to create extra living space. Making good use of these outdoor rooms and spaces, especially during the summer months can add to the overall comfort of your home. The trick is creating a cool, shady spot when the sun is shining directly on your outdoor space. The proper window treatment or screen can make all the difference. It can transform an area from a place that becomes sweltering hot in the midday … [Read more...]

Finding the right furnishing for unique and specialty shaped windows


It can certainly be challenging finding a quality window treatment for a specialty shaped window, such as a skylight, arched or bay window. Oddly shaped or sized windows are often times difficult to reach, let alone furnish. Even bay windows and large office windows can pose some problems when attempting to get the right look and feel, or simply a proper fit. When you do find the right treatment for these unique and specialty windows it can … [Read more...]

Are you blinds warped or cracked? Time to consider moisture resistant window coverings


Have you ever experienced warped or cracked window coverings? It can certainly happen to treatments installed in kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms where humidity levels fluctuate more often than in the other rooms of your house. Windows located in rooms where moisture and humidity occur regularly should be furnished with appropriate coverings. If the window treatments in these rooms cannot withstand humidity you will find that over time … [Read more...]

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint! Choose eco-friendly blinds.


Did you know that window treatments can be an environmentally friendly home furnishing item? Installing coverings on your home’s windows not only compliments a room’s décor, it can also contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. The right covering provides additional insulation to block out cold air during winter months, while limiting the amount of heat from the sun during the summer- allowing your house to remain cool. In … [Read more...]

Cambridge Auto Parts & Wreckers


Many of us today are looking for new ways to save money. Whether it’s using electricity after peak hours or clipping out coupons, there are many different strategies we can use to keep more of our money in the bank. One of the most inconvenient costs is paying for replacement parts on your vehicle. Replacing worn or damaged auto parts is necessary to ensure your vehicle is safe and functional. However, this can be expensive – but it … [Read more...]

Winser Doors


Open the door to the safety of your family. As parents it’s our job to keep our kids safe. We all know about the importance of a car seat in the car, holding our child’s hand when crossing the street, child-proofing the inside of our homes, but did you know that in most cases, the garage door is the largest moving object in a home? At WINSER DOORS in Cambridge safety is our number one priority. We sell the best and safest doors in the … [Read more...]