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ecoblinds_58718698Did you know that window treatments can be an environmentally friendly home furnishing item? Installing coverings on your home’s windows not only compliments a room’s décor, it can also contribute to your home’s overall energy efficiency. The right covering provides additional insulation to block out cold air during winter months, while limiting the amount of heat from the sun during the summer- allowing your house to remain cool.

In addition to helping reduce your home’s carbon footprint, you can also choose a produce that has been created using sustainable and renewable materials. If you are interested in eco-friendly designs, it is worth reviewing your options and inquiring to a qualified window treatment consultant.

Many treatments are now produced using non-toxic materials. You can also choose from a host of decorative options derived from renewable and sustainable resources such as: bamboo, jute (a vegetable fibre), rattan and fast growing grasses.

Wood blinds made by companies that adhere to sustainable yield forest management techniques provide yet another option. These eco-friendly blinds look elegant and stylish while also blocking the sun. This helps to protect a window’s surrounding floors and furnishings from fading, yet still allowing for air to filter through the home.

Another item to consider when selecting an eco-friendly window treatment, is a company’s packaging policy. When any particular window treatment company is producing and distributing environmentally friendly coverings, check to make sure it is completing its environmental commitment by using recycled packaging techniques.

A good window treatment consultant can direct you to appropriate eco-friendly furnishings, and will also be able to answer your questions regarding a covering company’s environmental policies, products, and practices including packaging.

For more information on environmentally friendly window treatments and options visit the Cambridge Budget Blinds website , or contact them at 519-658-2552.

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