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shapedwindows_107076710It can certainly be challenging finding a quality window treatment for a specialty shaped window, such as a skylight, arched or bay window. Oddly shaped or sized windows are often times difficult to reach, let alone furnish. Even bay windows and large office windows can pose some problems when attempting to get the right look and feel, or simply a proper fit.

When you do find the right treatment for these unique and specialty windows it can make all the difference in your room. Consider the appeal a bay window adds to a home. When the right covering accompanies the window it can completely change the overall feel and comfort of a room.

Hardwood shutters are an excellent option for bays. They can give a window a sense of sophistication without obstructing views. Another option for bay windows are long drapery panels. A sheer drape is a great choice because it will provide privacy while also allowing light to filter through.

One important item to remember is that motorization can be included with most window furnishings adding ease to opening and closing, particularly with windows that are somewhat difficult to access.

Other specialty windows, like arched or skylights, are equally if not more difficult to furnish than a bay window.  A good window-covering consultant can provide you with top of the line shutters and shades that can be custom fit to your specific window. For hard to reach skylights you may want to investigate track system roller shades.

Large windows, while not irregularly shaped, can also be considered unique. They certainly require specific treatments. Commercial spaces often need to furnish oversized windows, but residential homes can also have large windows that require appropriate treatments. Long drapery, dual panel shutters, or vertical blinds are all excellent solutions that truly compliment large windows.

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