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humidblind_118024501Have you ever experienced warped or cracked window coverings? It can certainly happen to treatments installed in kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms where humidity levels fluctuate more often than in the other rooms of your house.

Windows located in rooms where moisture and humidity occur regularly should be furnished with appropriate coverings. If the window treatments in these rooms cannot withstand humidity you will find that over time your coverings will warp, crack or split. Inevitably, you’ll have to replace these treatments more often than you want to.

Rather than frequently replacing warped coverings it is worth investigating treatments that are sturdy enough to withstand moisture and humidity fluctuations. Good quality vinyl or wood composite blinds and shutters are great options. These coverings work well in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Roller blinds are also a great alternative.

Wood composite blinds and shutters are among the more elegant covering selections and will compliment any room’s décor. In humid and moist conditions, composites are durable and perform better than most real wood blinds or shutters. These treatments are made from a synthetic material that adds to the longevity of the covering. They are able to stand up in high humidity and resist fading and warping while providing a real wood look and feel.

Vinyl coverings also provide a stylish solution. They hold up well to humidity, are stain resistant, easy to clean and quite affordable. They are one of the most functional covering solutions. In addition to practicality, they also come in a multitude of textures, prints and colours to match any and all furnishings.

Another important item to consider when investigating moisture resistant blinds is whether or not they are also anti-microbial. A qualified window-covering consultant can address all your window covering, moisture and anti-microbial concerns.

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