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Identity theft is a growing problem across Canada. Each day, hundreds of unsuspecting people have their personal information stolen – often without their knowledge. Names, addresses, dates of birth, social insurance numbers and even credit card numbers can be stolen by tech-savvy thieves without the victim being aware. Consumer advocates claim that the biggest source of identity theft occurs online where malware, spyware and other programs infect computers and allow thieves to find personal information of people that is stored on older model desktops and laptops.

The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario understands the dangers associated with identity theft and how to combat it – ensuring that people’s personal information is protected and stored safely on their personal computing devices. One of the best ways to guard against identity theft is to have a desktop or laptop checked regularly and cleaned. The technicians at VIG Computers can remove dangerous and potentially harmful malware and spyware from older model computers. This is an affordable service that can pay big dividends to people in the long run by safeguarding important information in their personal lives.

At VIG Computers, they use programs ranging from BitDefender Antivirus to Ccleaner and Defraggler to help keep computers clean and clear of harmful viruses. The onsite technicians and sales staff are extremely knowledgeable and can also provide advice and information on which software programs work best with certain computer brands such as hp, Dell and Lenovo. VIG Computers is an ethical company that prides itself on maintaining the highest possible business standards in Canada and internationally. To speak to a VIG Computers representative and learn more, visit the company’s primary store in Cambridge, Ontario or check them out online at .

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