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Stone chips! Say it and almost every highway or gravel road driver can recount a bad experience. Stones and other road debris can be kicked up by the cars ahead of you, especially, trucks. Sometimes they come flying off the truck container itself. In a microsecond, they hit your car, often ‘dinging’ your hood’s paint, but sometimes chipping or even cracking your windshield.

If the chip is directly in your driving sightline, it’s a distraction and a safety issue. Sometimes, however, if it’s off to the side and mostly out of your line of sight, some drivers might be tempted to leave it. This can be a serious mistake; aside from spoiling the looks of the car, a chip is a weak point and over time chips can crack and expand. When the chip is small enough and manageable, try having it repaired. The process is simple, quick and not expensive. Drop by for a free quotation.

For larger damage and cracks, the window is definitely vulnerable to further damage, especially in the case of an accident. Such windows should be replaced. If the car is older, the windows might have scratches and be dulled anyway and as an added bonus, the new glass will be sparkly and clear.

While windshields obviously are most frequently damaged, your door glass, even the rear window glass, can be damaged – it happens all the time. Fortunately, window restoration specialists like Apple Auto Glass can replace your door and rear windows also, quickly, efficiently and reasonably priced.

But probably nothing is more frustrating and potentially dangerous, than a broken mirror. Sometimes this is the result of an accident, sometimes vandalism, unfortunately and sometimes those underground pillars just seem to jump out of the parking spot and attack your side view mirrors. The mirrors dangle, with wires exposed, or perhaps the damage didn’t pull them from the door, but the mirror itself is cracked. Every time your eyes move to check your mirrors when you’re about to change lanes or back up, or even to park, there’s no mirror and you’re literally driving blind at that moment. You definitely need to see a glass and window restoration specialist.

When it comes to glass and mirrors, whether chips, cracks, dullness or damage is compromising your safety and your vision, call Apple Auto Glass at 519-650 – 1500 or 1-866-44-APPLE (27753) and let us help you to see your best.


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