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Whether on the red carpet or out on the go, it seems celebrities all are sporting their own glamourous version of longer, thicker lashes. It’s not a new trend: going back before Oprah, Byonce, J. Lo or Kim Kardashian, who can forget the trade mark eyes of Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy? Most women agree that having longer lashes gives them bolder, more feminine eyes and today the look is as popular as ever. What’s changed is how to get those longer lashes and one of the most popular ways is to have lash extensions applied.

Lash extensions are made from synthetic material. They come in different colours and lengths that are professionally applied one by one to your own lashes by means of a special adhesive. The extensions are semi-permanent, lasting a few weeks.

You might choose eyelash extensions over false lashes or lash tinting for a few reasons: First, the extensions look and feel natural. Second, there are choices: brown, black or special colours can be applied across the lid and trimmed to achieve a soft, full look, or added just to the outer lashes for a more striking effect. Third, there’s no fuss: no mascara, no lash curlers and no worry when swimming and showering.

As with most aesthetic enhancements, it’s important to make sure your extensions are applied by a professional. Professionally trained technicians know how to avoid injury, infection, clumping of lashes or other unwanted results by using proper sanitization techniques, tools and protections.

For more than 20 years, the staff at UBU Hair + Body Salon and Spa in Cambridge has been offering hair and body services to women and men. Their expertise includes: the latest in hair styling, colour, extensions and treatments; lash extensions, lash and brow tinting, micro pigmentation makeup tattooing; hand and foot therapies, specialty facials, massages and waxing. For more information, visit their web site at or telephone 519-622-4213.


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