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Most people think of hair loss as a problem common to men, but the fact is that hair loss is also a very real occurrence in women of all ages. While balding in men goes pretty much unremarked, men are nevertheless self-conscious about hair loss. In women, the problem is compounded by the stigma of being far less socially acceptable. There are various causes of hair loss: it might be genetic, stress-related, brought on by sudden weight loss or by pregnancy, or a side effect of certain medications. As a man or woman, it’s important to have hair loss properly diagnosed to understand whether you’re dealing with an emotional or physical problem.

You’ve no doubt seen numerous ads selling solutions for hair loss, ranging from surgical hair transplant procedures, laser light therapy, wigs and hair pieces, or medications to promote hair re-growth. Some are invasive, permanent and expensive, others awkward to use and some simply don’t work. Now there’s a topical treatment that offers a temporary, natural and easy way to conceal hair loss. Organic keratin fibres—essentially hair fibres—are applied like a powder onto the affected area of the scalp and blended into the hair line. The product comes in eight shades, including grey, which means that no matter what your hair type or colour, whether natural or dyed, you can use it to effectively camouflage bald spots in minutes. It’s applied to dry hair, even transplanted hair and a static charge allows the product to stay on the scalp, resisting rain, wind and perspiration. The fibres simply wash out on your next shampoo. Think of it as makeup for your hair.

UBU Hair + Body Salon and Spa in Cambridge prides itself on addressing the unique concerns of its clients. Their stylists understand the sensitive nature of hair loss in men and women and will be pleased to talk to you about using organic keratin fibres. Visit their web site at and contact them at 519-622-4213.


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