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Tinting the windows of your car can make it look way cooler when you’re out cruising around downtown on a warm summer’s night. While a very effective and easy way to improve your vehicle’s appearance, tinting can also increase its value on the resale market. Another often-overlooked benefit of the process is safety and how it can actually reduce your risks of injury on the road.

Windshield tinting can provide motorists with increased safety if they are involved in an accident. The window film used in tinting actually helps hold the glass together and prevents it from shattering in the event of a collision. It can also give you a safer ride by reducing glare from the sun and other vehicle headlights.

Another big advantage is that tinting keeps the heat out and can reduce the interior temperature of your car by blocking out a majority of UV rays. In this regard, the reduction in sunlight also prevents the car’s interior from cracking or becoming dull, ultimately saving you costly repairs. And from a health standpoint, the blockage of those UV rays helps to protect your skin while you are driving. Savings are also realized because window tinting keeps your car cooler and reduces the amount of air conditioning required to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

The team at Apple Auto Glass in Cambridge recommend window tinting as an affordable way for motorists to achieve improved vehicle appearance and safety, along with many of these other benefits. They use top-quality window film specifically designed not to bubble or peel. Complete customer satisfaction is guaranteed throughout the tinting process, which takes place in the Cambridge shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tinting is done to meet all required provincial standards.

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