Why schools need pizza days - online christmas shopping

As government funding for education becomes increasingly stretched, many schools are turning to fundraising. A 2006 report by the Canadian Teachers’ Federation et al. showed that 65% of Ontario schools are fundraising for library books. Elementary schools also raise money for musical instruments, field trips, gym equipment, computers, playground landscaping and after school programs.

There has been debate about the inequality school fundraising creates because schools in poorer neighbourhoods can’t raise as much money as those in wealthy areas. Some parents have concerns about students being compelled to act as salespeople for their schools. Pizza days are an effective way of avoiding some of these concerns while raising money at the same time.

Pizza days are affordable for many Ontario families. For example, Cambridge Pizza offers discounts for school orders. This means students may only pay between $1 and $3 for a slice. Depending on the toppings and crust a student chooses, pizza is relatively lower in fat, sodium and preservatives than other food items regularly used in school fundraising, such as hot dogs. For more information on ordering a healthier slice of pizza visit Cambridge Pizza’s “How to order a healthier slice of pizza” blog.

Students are not required to sell anything for pizza days and most kids love pizza. Many of us have fun childhood memories about the excitement surrounding a school pizza day.

So what do you think about school fundraising in Ontario? Post your comments here and order a pie while you’re at it by calling Cambridge Pizza at 519-622-2228.


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