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Check out recycling bins at the end of Canadian driveways on garbage day and most will have a pizza box. There’s no debate that we love our pizza. But have you ever wondered why? Is it because of the zesty pepperoni? Not for vegetarians. How about the unique toppings, like black olives or roasted zucchini? Most kids would disagree. The thick, doughy crust? Some like it thin.

We love pizza because it is one of those rare foods that appeals to virtually everyone, from young to old, vegetarian to meat lover, adventurous to traditional. Pizza can please a big crowd, or a table for one. It’s affordable and easy to order, but most of all it is never boring. In short, we love pizza because of its variety.

If you’re looking for a local pizzeria that understands our love of choice, check out Cambridge Pizza. Here’s how they take variety a step further:

Toppings to try

If you like a classic pepperoni pie, or traditional toppings like mushroom, tomato or green pepper, Cambridge Pizza has them. But for adventurous taste buds it also offers eggplant, jalapenos, broccoli, ginger, green chili peppers, garlic and cilantro. Can’t decide? No worries, with pizza you can have it both ways. Try classic on one half and adventurous on the other.

Crusts to choose

When it comes to crust, you can choose from the popular thick, chewy version, or a crispy, thin, gourmet-style crust. For the health conscious, bulk up your fibre intake by opting for whole wheat. Whatever you choose, once your crust is topped with Cambridge Pizza’s freshly prepared homemade sauce it is guaranteed to be mouth-watering.

I feel like chicken tonight

Not in the mood for pizza? No problem. Cambridge Pizza’s juicy chicken wings are marinated in-house and offer a variety of choice too: from mild to medium, hot to suicide, honey garlic to barbeque. They also sell hearty meat lasagna with garlic bread and an assortment of salads, such as Garden, Caesar or Greek. They’re even considering expanding their menu to include flavourful Indian dishes, such as butter chicken or samosas.

If you’re looking for something new and different, or if you’re in need some familiar comfort food, Cambridge Pizza has it. Make your choice by calling 519-622-2228.

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