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VIG Computers an exporter of refurbished and recycled desktops - online consignment shops

The Vision Investment Group, or VIG Computers, based in Cambridge, Ontario is one of Canada’s most successful international exporters of computers and related parts. The company has been exporting refurbished and recycled desktop computers to countries all over the world for more than a decade. Since its founding in September 2000, VIG Computers has been selling its products to foreign countries in orders ranging from a single desktop to an entire overseas shipping container full of computers.

Today, VIG Computers typically exports two shipping container of refurbished and recycled computers each month to foreign destinations. There is a strong and growing market for refurbished computers that are considered out of date in North American but can be beneficial in poor foreign nations. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher – one of only 59 worldwide – VIG Computers has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that its older model computers are refurbished to the highest international standards. This expertise and commitment to excellence has enabled VIG Computers to earn a solid reputation in the global computer refurbishment market.

VIG Computers is an ethical company that prides itself on maintaining the highest possible business standards in Canada and internationally. The company ensures that all of the refurbished and recycled computers it exports reach their intended destination and are used properly by countries in need of affordable technology. To speak to a VIG Computers representative and learn more, visit the company’s store in Cambridge, Ontario or check them out online at .

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