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The unfortunate truth is that car seats will wear out. Whether your car has leather seats, material or vinyl, the constant getting in and out and just sitting will eventually take its toll. And that spilled coffee from the local drive-through doesn’t do too much for the beauty of your cloth seats either. For most drivers, after the exterior paint condition, nothing makes a car feel old than car seats in distress. Cracked leather  or vinyl and worn, stained, cloth seats add unhappy years to the interior appearance of your car.

But you have more choices than buying a new car or living with it as is. A third way is to find out about fabric and upholstery services, which will give new life to your car and restore that showroom look and feel. Places such as Apple Auto Glass provide a full range of services including seat cover replacement, seat repair and even carpet repair for those muddy, salt-caked carpets done in by too many harsh winters. In addition to cars, truck and RV owners, even motorcyclists, can all benefit from these services.

Boat owners, you’re also covered. Boats are more likely to have vinyl seats to withstand the rigours of outdoor elements, but vinyl can rip (fishing hooks, ski fins, etc.) and age as the seats bake in the summer sun, then freeze during winter storage, not to mention being regularly sprayed and drenched during the boating season. If your boat’s seats are showing their age, they too can be repaired or re-upholstered, depending on their condition and help to restore your boat’s beauty and owner’s pride. The boater’s battle with Mother Nature doesn’t end with seats, however. Mooring covers and boat tops, tough as they are manufactured, are also going to wear out. But once again, consider that places such as Apple Auto Glass are capable of a full restoration.

There are three situations when it makes sense to consider reconditioning your vehicle’s seats. For many people, their car is perfectly usable, they’re happy driving it and they don’t want the expense of buying a new car, but the interior is just too worn out and tired. This is a typical customer for upholstery repair and reconditioning. A second scenario is that you want to sell the car, but the ripped, cracked and stained seats are turning away potential buyers. Investing in upholstery and carpet restoration can help you to make the deal, possibly even to get a better price. The third situation is when you yourself are the buyer: the car (or boat) is good, the exterior and mechanics have been looked after, the price is right, but the seats and carpets are a mess: the driver spilled more coffee on the cushion than he drank. It just might pay to buy the car knowing that you can recondition the seats and replace the carpet. A quotation will help you to evaluate the deal, or even bargain with the owner for a better price. Call Apple Auto Glass at 519-650-1500 or 1-866-44-APPLE (27753) and ask how they can help you to re-energize your car.


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