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The advantages of getting a mortgage through a broker - e shopping websites

When you need something done with your car, there’s no question that you go to a professional auto mechanic. A toothache means a trip to the dentist. There’s a professional for every service you need and that includes getting a mortgage.

Here are just a few reasons why one of these experts will get you the best mortgage product.

Mortgage brokers supply unbiased information. One of the greatest benefits of working with a mortgage broker is the fact that they work for you, searching different institutions for the best rates and terms. They don’t work for a particular bank or lending company, so they don’t favour one product or rate over another. They often deal with the same reputable lenders and establish a good relationship with the institutions that are both credible and have been in business for a long period of time.

Getting a mortgage, especially for the first time, can be a complicated process. A mortgage broker keeps things simple, helping you through the requirements and paperwork after they’ve found the terms that suit you. Another benefit is the fact they can save you time through the entire process and get you through the credit reports and property appraisals as well as other documents that are needed.

Finally, there’s an element of personalized service when you use a mortgage broker – their reputation rests on providing you with excellent service and ensuring that your needs are met.

Drawing from a choice of over 40 lenders from major banks to private sources, derek lacey, AMP is the Mortgage Alliance agent dedicated finding you the right terms and the right Mortgage for your needs. Email him at or call 519-624-9550. You can also visit his website at .


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