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Considering a credit union for education financing? Or how about considering a low cost account with unlimited electronic transactions? Do you need access to banking services online or through your cell? Credit unions are cooperative financial institutions that offer great services. Unlike a bank, customers don’t just open an account, they become a shareholder. All it takes is a $5 deposit to open an account and become a shareholder; the credit union does the rest! Just take a brief look at what credit unions have to offer:

Education loans


Student loans are ideal for education costs such as tuition, living expenses, computer equipment and books. Whether attending post-secondary school or continuing a higher education through additional courses, credit unions can help with your financing needs. Education loans through a credit union have many advantages such as:

  • Saves interest with low rates.
  • Funds can be withdrawn as needed to save interest costs.
  • Affordable interest-only payments.
  • Repay part or all of the outstanding balance anytime without penalties.

Student MasterCard credit card


Start building a credit rating before entering the workforce! This card is the perfect “starter” card for post-secondary students over the age of majority. With no annual fee, there is a big difference with the convenience and security this card offers such as building a financial future.

Line of credit for extra cash


For those in need of extra cash for holidays, vehicle repairs, or to meet other obligations during times when income flow fluctuates, applying for a line of credit is easy. The line of credit is attached to the member’s account and is only used if withdrawals and purchases exceed the amount available on deposit.

Banking 24/7


Credit union services include banking by phone, online, mobile web and through text messaging. Obtaining account balances and transaction history as well as the ability to transfer funds, pay bills and downloading a statement is always available. In addition, there is also 24 hour technical support. A credit union account is available anytime, anywhere.

Surcharge-free ATMs


Most credit unions are part of the “exchange network” where the banks and credit unions who are members have agreed to never charge each other’s cardholders surcharge fees. Visit to find an ATM near you or download the locator app to your smartphone!

For education loans or other services, the Education Credit Union is here to serve everyone in the Waterloo Region. Check out or call 519-623-2211 to discover how to become a shareholder in your financial institution!


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