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In today’s economy, money is tight for many families. And when it comes to family entertainment, you want to have fun for the whole family at a reasonable price. However, family entertainment can be costly. How can you get maximum enjoyment for minimum cost?

Renting movies and having a family movie night is an inexpensive activity that everyone will enjoy. Having a family game night is another great way to spend time and have fun together as a family.

To save money when you go out, many venues have discount days. Also look for season passes—amusement parks, zoos and other venues may have season passes that you can visit time and again. Once you make a couple of visits, the pass is paid for. For a treat, why not take your family to see a theatre performance? Theatres offer rush tickets, where you can purchase tickets on the day of a performance at a significant discount. Theatres also offer frequent discount codes, so keep your eyes open for great deals.

One of the biggest dilemmas families face is the expense of eating out. But your family doesn’t have to settle for fast food. You can get a delicious three-course meal for a great price! At Galt View Restaurant, you can get their scrumptious dinner specials for $13.99 or lower! Your meal includes soup or salad, an entrée with choice of potato or vegetable and dessert! Galt View’s dinner specials feature a variety of delicious options, including chicken or fish melts, which the whole family will love. It’s a delicious, sit-down family dinner at nearly fast food prices! For over 30 years, Galt View Restaurant has been serving up delicious, homemade meals at great prices. Galt View is dedicated to providing great customer service and delicious food for all of your meals. For all your family dinner needs, visit .


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