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Headlights are one of the most important safety features on any vehicle. These lights must be designed and constructed to provide a high intensity light beam, much brighter than that provided by normal service bulbs. If they begin to dim or show signs of decreased performance after prolonged use, drivers should address the issue immediately. The beams may not need to be replaced, simply restored by a process that takes only an hour. Headlight restoration is a definite option to consider for cost-conscious motorists looking to save money and ensure their vision remains perfect at night and in all weather conditions.

Most factory-installed headlamps are made of plastic and can be restored to a like-new finish by a process that targets the outer lens cover of the lamp. Using buffing wheels and a special polishing compound, a trained automotive technician can refurbish the light to peak performance, appearance and optical clarity. Cost of such a restoration is about $110, compared to several hundreds of dollars to have either your sealed beam or halogen lamps replaced at the dealer. (A sealed beam is an airtight unit containing the lens and mirrored interior surfaces to reflect light produced by the filament. Halogen lights, common on modern vehicles, contain gas that allows the filament to be much brighter with about the same service life).

Technicians at Cambridge’s Apple Auto Glass are well aware how important it is for their customers to have properly functioning headlights. At their Eagle Street North location, driver safety is paramount as the beams are carefully treated and restored. An in-store display is available to motorists, showing a revealing before-and-after look at a revamped headlight system. Some Cambridge clients who thought their own eyesight was failing were amazed to learn it was their headlamps all along!

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