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Everyone knows how easy and convenient online shopping can be. Who wouldn’t want to sit in front of the computer in their pyjamas with a steaming mug of coffee and order themselves a new pair of glasses? Imagine, not even leaving your house! The problem is, sometimes your online purchases aren’t quite what you expected. Some purchases are great online but when an item is custom made and requires exact specifications to fit and work properly, then maybe it’s not the best choice.

Get fit

To ensure a proper fit, certain measurements must be accurately taken. You can do it…or a trained optician can do it. Only one of you knows what you’re doing. Without an accurate measurement of your pupil distance, you cannot ensure your eyeglasses will provide the proper correction for your vision. “It takes a lot of practice to get this measurement correct,” says Parmindar Jassal of Imax Optical in Hespeler/Cambridge, “and I would be willing to bet that most people have never even tried to do this before ordering glasses online.” Even after the measurements are taken and your glasses are made, you can bet that there will be some fine tuning required so that they sit perfectly straight over your nose and on your ears. If you order glasses online you will not have access to an optical specialist who can make these adjustments for you.

You get what you pay for

If your glasses don’t fit properly and provide optimal vision, they are not worth the price…even the deeply discounted price you find online. Some online “stores” simply offer ends of lines, close-outs and cheaply produced products. While they may offer returns and/or exchanges, you will have the hassle of packaging up your glasses and paying to return them. At a real optical store, like Imax Optical, you can try on frames before you purchase them so you will be assured of their quality.

For quality eyewear, contact IMAX Optical in Hespeler/Cambridge. Their trained, professional staff is committed to delivering value and impeccable service. Call 519-658-4000 or visit them at .


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