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As you get close to your 50th birthday, you might have experienced some vision change. It’s harder to read small print and it takes longer for your eyes to adjust from light to dark conditions.

These changes are normal with aging as the lens of your eye becomes less flexible, thus less able to focus. This is called presbyopia. It usually occurs in our 40s and is correctable with reading glasses or bifocals. It is important to have your eyes examined regularly as you get older, advises Health Canada.

As you get into your 50s and beyond, presbyopia becomes more advanced and you may have to changes your eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions more often. You may also need one pair of for normal tasks and a second pair for working at the computer.

An optician can help you determine what the best choice of eyeglasses or contact lenses are for you. Reading glasses are typically worn just during close work. Bifocals are two prescription lenses in one: the main part of the lens is for distance, while the lower portion is for close work or reading. Progressive lenses are similar to bifocals, but there is no visible line between the two prescriptions, creating a more gradual visual transition.

Contact lens wearers have several options. They can wear reading glasses while wearing their regular contacts, purchased at an optical store or retail outlet or get higher-quality glasses prescribed by an optometrist.

Contact lenses also come in multifocal configurations. Another solution is monovision contacts, where one contact is for distance and the other is for closer up. The brain learns to use different eyes for different tasks. This works well for some people, but others may have reduced depth perception.

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