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Long or short, curly or straight, wispy, unruly or perfectly coiffed, your hair is your crowing glory. How can a professional stylist make you look and feel your best, while helping you choose a cut and colour that is as individual as you are? Firstly, they have to listen.


Your lifestyle and personality should play a big role in the cut and style that you choose. It’s great that you love the new ‘dos in Hollywood, but they just won’t look the same on you if you’re on the go with your toddler from 6 a.m. ‘til dinner. If your idea of the perfect day starts with a swim before breakfast, do you really want to rely on your styling iron before you head off to work?


Next, a stylist will look at the shape of your face. Styles that elongate the face are good for a round face, but aren’t so great for an oval shaped face. Blunt bangs and bobs might work square faces, but aren’t so flattering for a double chin. Sometimes the hair cut you’ve got your heart set on just isn’t right for your heart-shaped face. But with a few adjustments from a skilled stylist, a hairstyle can work wonders to draw the eyes away from your least flattering features.


The texture of your hair will also determine how well a particular style will work for you. Thick, heavy tresses react to styling products and implements differently than fine or kinky hair, and each will hold a style for different lengths of time.


Just as personality is pivotal to choosing the right style, it also comes into play when choosing to colour or highlight your hair. Highlights and lowlights are a great way to emphasize the texture of a short cut, but they require more time in the chair: great for you if you are patient and love the chat time, but torture for your high energy, fidgety girlfriend.


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