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Seafoam green hair may be all the rage, but your dream was to be a stunning brunette. Something went terribly wrong with your cost-saving experiment and now you’re searching the internet for a last minute appointment at the nearest salon.

You Tube is crowded with flicks of people bemoaning their DIY disasters – bizarre colours, frizzed or broken hair falling out in handfuls. Salons that specialize in corrective colouring can rescue your hair and your sanity, but may require more than one visit as the colourist hydrates and applies deep conditioning to the damaged hair before any new dye is applied.

Simply changing your colour – no disaster involved – is also considered corrective colouring. Maybe you just want to remove the highlights from your brunette bob, or switch from red to blonde. The first thing the colourist will do is listen to what you want, ask questions and make some recommendations. They might suggest, for example, that you choose a shade better suited to your complexion. If you don’t like to fuss with root touch ups, they might suggest something lower maintenance than going totally blonde.

Going lighter could require a colour cleanse first to remove the old colour. If you are going light to dark, they may use a two step process to ensure rich, even colour with nicely balanced, warm tones.

Changing your hair colour is a technical challenge best left to a professional – a skill that requires knowledge of how chemicals used on your hair will react to each other, and how different hair types react to treatment. You may have the ambition to do it yourself, but the money saved can backfire and cost several times more than you planned.

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