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At UBU hair and body we offer head to toe treatment, with manicures and pedicures providing the finishing touch. Whether you are planning to treat your whole bridal party to French manicures on your special day, or want professional nail care to be part of your regular grooming, this quick primer on nail enhancements and extensions will help you decide which product and service is right for you.

Acrylic nails were the first to be used in the beauty industry and were the benchmark for many years. A powder and liquid are combined before being applied to your natural nails, drying with exposure to air. They are hard when set and can be filed if they chip or break.

The compound for gel nails is ready mixed, resembling hair gel. After being exposed to ultra-violet light for a couple of minutes, it dries to a clear finish that can be worn without colour. There is little odour in the preparation, application, or removal; something to consider for your own comfort, as well as the aesthetician applying them.

Bio Sculpture gel nails are another gel option that can easily be removed at home by soaking for about 15 minutes. If you reserve nail enhancement for special, dress-up occasions, for example, are trying to stop biting your nails, or haven’t decided yet how you will fit regular salon visits into a your busy schedule, Bio Sculpture are a great choice. You will need to take care, though, that you protect them with rubber gloves if you are working with household cleaning agents, chemicals and some beauty products like hair spray, hair colour and sun tan lotion.

Whatever avenue you choose- acrylic, gel or Bio Sculpture – be sure to let your salon know what you do for a living and the wear and tear your hands are subjected to. They will be able to advise you on the nail enhancements that are right for you.

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