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Keeping you warm or cool is all in a day’s work for Ultra Comfort

It’s getting to be that time of year again. When the weather gets colder, there’s nothing like Napoleon gas fireplaces to keep you and your family warm. We work with a fine selection of these here at Ultra Comfort and with some of the highest heater rating efficiencies on the market, these are the best choices for winter comfort at your fingertips.

When you start out looking for a heating and air conditioning supplier you need to be sure that you find one that has both experience and flexibility. We get that here at Ultra Comfort and when you see that we’ve been in business since 1979, you’ll see right away that staying around in this competitive industry means that we’ve been doing something right.

Take a look at the names of the firms that we associate ourselves with for starters. Names like KeepRite, Puron, Napolean, Bryant and American Standard should tell you right away that we’ve earned the trust and respect of some of the bigger names in the heating and air conditioning world. We’re here to help you with the kind of expert sales staff that can tell you why getting a Napolean fireplace is the right choice, or describe in great detail all the advantages of Energy star rated furnaces and how they are the green choice that keeps you warm and helps you to save on heating costs at the same time.

There are lots of things to choose from here including choices to purify the air inside you home like HRVs, air cleaners and even humidifiers. We also carry water softeners and a fine selection of barbeques that will come in handy when the weather warms up.

We’re a strong family business that knows forging a long term relationship with our customers is the real test of how successful we are. By expanding our service department, we’ve been able to position ourselves as leaders in mechanical service and maintenance as well as all your heating and air conditioning needs.

Our flexibility speaks for itself. As well as KeepRite furnaces and air conditioners, we sell and install fireplaces, work with boilers, water heaters, look after Geo Thermal concerns for our clients and even have an air duct cleaning service. Even humidifiers are one of our specialties.

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